GIVEAWAY WINNER: My Doll’s Life Camping Outfit + My Birthday!

Hello! (1)

Happy National Fluffernutter Day!

Today is the day of two exciting things! First, it’s time to find out the winner of the My Doll’s Life giveaway! Second, today is my birthday!! 😀

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Recent Art {+ GIVEAWAY!}

Everyone go check out Allison’s amazing giveaway and her beautiful envelopes! 😀 And make sure to go to her Etsy shop and look around! Here is the link:

A Farm Girls Life

Hello, dears!

I haven’t done a recent art post OR a giveaway for rather a while – I think it’s high time for both. 🙂 Today I’m going to show you guys some sketches, paintings, and LOTS of envelope art, and if you stick around to the end, there will be a fun little pen-pal/artsy giveaway which I’m so excited about!

Ahem, let’s get started.

First up we have my new sketchbook! I got a lovely brown paper journal at Walmart for, like $5, and I LOVE it. It lays flat and it’s perfect for drawing with black brush pens/markers.


I really like this spread. ❤


Colored pencil looks pretty nice on this paper too.


When Megan and I were cleaning out our room, I found a bunch of old photographs, random art, and colored coloring pages that I didn’t quite want to throw away but I didn’t quite want…

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