My Favorite Small Businesses, Part 1 | Peach & Poppy Co.

Happy National Peach Ice Cream Day! I'm starting a new series of posts about some of my favorite small businesses! πŸ˜€ Today, I'll be talking about Peach & Poppy Co., a snail mail shop on Etsy that sells all sorts of pen pal supplies in the form of snail mail kits! Photo Credit: This … Continue reading My Favorite Small Businesses, Part 1 | Peach & Poppy Co.


Pen and Paint Coloring Book GIVEAWAY WINNER!

Happy National Pina Colada Day! It's finally time to find out who won the beautiful coloring book from Pen and Paint! πŸ˜€ Are you excited? SO CLOSE!! The winner is...... Averey! Congratulations! I will contact you shortly about your prize. πŸ™‚ Thank you so very much to everyone to entered! Even if you didn't win, … Continue reading Pen and Paint Coloring Book GIVEAWAY WINNER!


Everyone!! Go check out the Summer Bored Games if you want to have an AMAZING summer. πŸ˜€

Clara & Co.

Are you ever bored in the summer? πŸ˜€

Do you enjoy adventures and creativity and having fun? πŸ€”

WELL TODAY IS YOUR LUCKY DAY, MY FRIEND. *cheers* Some of you are most likely baffled by my enthusiasm, but that’s because you don’t know about The Summer Bored Games yet! For those of you who participated in SBG last year, WELCOME BACK. THIS IS GOING TO BE GREAT. *bounces excitedly* Let’s go over all of the important details so that you can start your summer of adventures!

The Summer Bored Games is a fun and creative way to bust boredom this summer, with dozens of wacky challenges, from thoughtful missions to completely random activities. Collect points by completing challenges, and enter to win an awesome prize! Below, we have a fun video trailer to give you a taste of what this round of SBG will be like. πŸ˜€


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