My American Girl Wishlist!

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Happy National Lemon Meringue Pie Day!

Today, I am going to show you guys my American Girl wishlist. 🙂 Let’s get this post started! 😀


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3 Fun Recipes

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Happy National Book Lovers Day!

Today, I am going to share three fun and easy recipes that I have tried and tested!

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Introducing The Summer Bored Games

If you want something AWESOME and REALLY REALLY fun to do this summer then you should check this out! 😀

Cuddly Critters Blog

Hey guys! Yesterday in my post (Introducing…Meow (+photo shoot)) I mentioned there was a really exciting post coming today that you wouldn’t want to miss. Well, now it’s here! Guys, if you are scrolling past this on Reader wondering if it’s worth your time, I’m telling you that it DEFINITELY is! You WANT to see this!

So now, I am introducing…..

*drumroll please*

The Summer Bored Games

sbg featured image.jpg

Ever had one of those days… or weeks.. maybe even entire SUMMERS, where you just felt like you wasted eternities of time sitting around because you had NOTHING to do? Well, no more! We have the Summer Bored Games now! A fun and creative way to not only bust your own boredom, but to make others around you smile as well! Full of thoughtful challenges and crazy activities, the Summer Bored Games will give you a summer full of memories…

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